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{ RQ } Clockwork by lying-cake I.
:iconnesicom: My IRL Big Brother~!

:iconmisamisacupcake: My Chubby, lazy kitteh xD (pets)

:iconephyb7: my nerdy sister who likes to always be alone. :hug:

:iconfenrirthesilverwolf: My Insane uncle who pops up at random times throughout the week and drags me on epic adventures (of doom!)

:iconbungal0w: //the fish :heart:

:iconfuzz3knavel: my one really distant cousin 030

:icontophlee: my friendly aunt who always comes late at night with suspicious red stains on her clothes. (0 <0)

:iconleonardo-da-cool: my insane cousin who's obsessed with guns.

:iconserbpatriot: my friend who works at the army who is also a person that randomly shows up.

:iconallysaa: My stalker 030

:iconozokami698: my twin sister!

:iconporcypinkporcupine:That hedgehog person who goes random for no reason!

:icondevilx23: the crazy rocket jumping soldier

:iconalpariart: my pet dragon!



What a mad world by Lyraxis All the colors by Lyraxis
Mocha Song pixely thing by Fluffomaru




Mocha Pon3 Drawing by Brokenwingsoflight
Mocha Pon3 Drawing
Made in Adobe Illustrator CS6

Honestly, I never though my teacher would be so amazed with this, this was the only thing I could remember making that was easy from last year...
Sketchy Sketch by Brokenwingsoflight
Sketchy Sketch
Hhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm sorry this is a poor sketch quality ;A; I had a small rush of inspiration, but its dead now

Anyways, this is a quick sketch of my new OC that I adopted from :iconcela08:cela08

This design is not official yet, I was just playing around with what she would look like, and so far I'm liking it, I just need too make it more cleaner when I get a final design for her down.

I don't have a name for her yet, but I do have a head-cannon void to her ((Pinkie Pie)), specifically this song:

Also, as you can see, she's strongly built. 
She sometimes underestimated her strength when she's being friendly ((or overly friendly)), or she intentionally does it to be a bitch. 

Whelp, that's what I have so far.
Who wants to see some 5NightsAtFreddy's, Broken style?

I'm so bored and hopefully this will cure my AB.
Tagged by::iconnoisykitty13:
1.)You must post these rules
2.)Answer the ten questions the person who tagged you made and make up your own 10 questions for the people you tag to answer
3.)Choose ten people and put their icons on this journal
4.)Go to their pages and inform them that they have been TAGGED!
5.)Not something stupid like 'you are tagged read this.'
6.)you have to legitimately tag 10 people
7.)No tag backs.
8.)You can't say, no tags
9.)Everyone that has been TAGGED must make a journal entry.

Tagger's Questions:
What's the best fandom?
Shit son, there is no such thing as the BEST fandom because there's always going to be some people who take it too far. But if I had to choose just....maybe ONE fandom that's technically the best, I'd say the Speed Freak Fandom, not just because its a small community, they really do have good people in it.

What're you going to do on Halloween?
Probably chill with my girlfriend and family:)

Favorite oc of yours?
Fuuuuuuuuuuck please don't make me choose ;A; I love all my babies and its so many to chose from!! Fine, I'll answer the question because it won't be fair to NoisyKitty if I didn't answer truthfully, my favorite out of my OCs would probably by Jack because God Damn it I spent so much time fucking fixing him >~<

Would you rather be blind or deaf?
Deaf, because I want to continue to see the things and people I love. Sure, I believe one would be more humble if they're blind, because they dont judge a person by their skin or looks, but I think that if you see them for who they are instead of the words they say, its...something more. You see the beauty that they possess on the inside, because you won't be able to judge them for what they may accidentally say that may hurt you.

Favorite band?
Panic!At the Disco~

Worst band?
Ummm....I honestly cannot say, because if I considered a certian bad "the worst", i wouldnt care to remember the name of the band nor their music.

What do you think of yourself?
On theinternet, I know I can be...probably the rudest person you'll ever meet, though majority of the time I'm not trying to be. In reality I think I'm a pushover, a hypochondriac who always worries her head off of every little thing. Though, I think that away from that, I'm a decent person. I keep to myself and don't argue for the wrote g things. I love the people I'm close with, and stay by them through thick and thin.

What do other people think of you?
I'm pretty sure that the majority of people here on DA think I'm a complete bitch.^^u I'm not sure what they think because well...I'm not them.

I tag:

I don't feel like tagging, sorry
Who wants to see some 5NightsAtFreddy's, Broken style?

I'm so bored and hopefully this will cure my AB.


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Clockwork by SarahHardy01 Vuvu by SarahHardy01

*ID made by the lovely :iconapplebonbon: *

Stamp - Don't Starve Wilson by Ennyh Don't Starve Stamp by stahmps Electronic Stamp of luuuuvv by TehZee Electronic Dance Music stamp by TheBourgyman
Deoxys Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps Wes Stamp by LuciaSama Stamp maxwell by LuciaSama Deadmau5 Stamp by psyco-dragon Skrillex Stamp by sonic2344 DUBSTEP stamp by conceptions I luv Bass Stamp by I-am-Draycos Dancin' Mau5 by TheBerserkerGJ Daft Punk Stamp by Raverick WUB Stamp by Tripp-X-Foxx OC stamp by puchidebiru I draw what I want stamp by izka197 Portal: Turret stamp by thatcoldmask GAOBAM: Jack Stamp by MammaCarnage
SJ: But who cares, blegh by Tifa-the-Strange O.O by ANDREAc Demongo Stamp by PsychoMonkeyShogun :thumb118579274:
PIE GIVE EET by Tifa-the-Strange Companion Cube Stamp by Saldemonium DA love stamp by izka197 Daily... by prosaix

My full DA name is way too long, so just call me Broken:3
I am 16 years old and Im a wanna be animator.

I am pleased to meet you!

Yaoi Stamp by Bextron5000 Yaoi Stamp by Clockwerk-chan yaoi stamp by Wing-shadow Yaoi Stamp by KazeXFuu
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Stamp - OCs and Fanart by noodle-of-doom Proud of your OC's Stamp by Phardil :thumb297221571:
I laugh at trolls by prosaix Hetalia animation stamp by Naru-Nisa Stamp: I love MUSIC by simplyrolemodel Whore Means Love Stamp by dA--bogeyman
Whore Means Love Stamp by dA--bogeyman Whore Means Love Stamp by dA--bogeyman I Like Birds - Stamp by Kadajo I love Giant robots by SonicAmygirl
I Love Robots by Reubo Minecraft fan by DS-DNA Minecraft fan by DS-DNA

About me:

PTSD by Kibikayuki Stamps - PTSD by MauserGirl :thumb357917479: Anxiety Sucks Stamp by Vallhund-Abstraktion
I'm hit with a double dosage of anxiety + PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), and no, PTSD is not just for soldiers who've been through war. I don't know yet why I have it, but its pritty serious. This is just a warning to those who talk to me. Im very nice, but with all this, I am extremely emotional as well. Its very scary because every day I feel like im a step closer to my last when really im not. So if I come across as bitchy or completely rude. Please tell me because im really not trying to be bitchy or rude. Im just really stressed out.
I love it here on DA~! And I would hope to get along with everyone.
I wont use this as a weakness or excuse, but I will remind you that some of the things you say might upset me. And I hope I don't sound rude and or dont make any sense.

I take forever to do things or I'm busy, so please be patient with me :3

Well...Im easily interested in other people's artwork, and I seriously love animations.
When I see other people's style that are unique in their own I try to do my best to creat my own style that myself and others will enjoy!
During my free time I normally draw my OC Scar and come here to talk to some of my closest friends, and many other wonderful people! I draw about anything that pops into my head, i necessarily don't stick with just one topic, I'm known to jump from one thing to another like fire.
I have a tendency of of drawing a lot of my OC's, birds, Speed Freaks(old ps1 game), and other random stuff:love:

I'm currently learning :icongermanflagplz: Im now in German 2!:P So feel free to try to talk to me in German!

I'm a bit violent, but I'm NICE:3 Also, I love every nationality, and I dont give a shit if you're into Yaoi or Yuri because I LOVE YAOI! *not a big fan of Yuri*. I'm not judgmental. But I must warn you, I WILL get pissed if you diss my artwork or TROLL or SPAM my page>:{ Even if you hurt my friends I will come at you with full force! A;so, I hate trolls:iconangerplz:

Currently into:
4)Speed Freaks
5)Drawing other people's OCs

Fav Color:RED

I draw cute and gory stuff:meow:

Here are some of my greatest friends that i know in real life(in no order)
:iconbdd308520: :iconozokami698: :iconsody-pop: :iconemily-is-my-name: :iconcherrycobbler: :iconemperorcomet: :icondarkdemoness1254: :iconnightfury111:
please talk to them!! They're just awesome!! Im so glad to have friends like you!!!!:D

Friends here on DA that are just awesome! (no order)
:iconcutecat54546: :iconryuicefox: :iconteddy503: :iconwertypop: :iconartani5: :iconnamitokiwa: :iconwerefox-9: :iconemmasepiccloud: :iconkelseyandfreinds99: :iconsonictfacat: :iconallysaa: :iconconkanat: :iconilovethehulk: :iconkurushimifutago: :iconshanight123:
You guys are simply the best!! And your artwork is amasing!

Youtube… (im working on posting up more videos.....)

I love my ponysona (unicorn) by Escamosa FOR PONY -stamp by tiirikka :thumb252178522: I Like MLP: FiM Stamp by Firey-Flamy Generosity Stamp by genkistamps Stop Assuming. by Blizzardwind Ponify stamp by LacedHarlot RANT STAMP POWERS ACTIVATE by endler Quit the PonyxNon-Pony Couples by KessieLou and you can draw more than pony hate art by pixelat0ry

Scar Journal Doll .:PC:. by Wolfchick36

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Mocha Song pixely thing by Fluffomaru
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Also, found out the Salvonic's RED album is their debut album^^ (I'm going to attempt to buy it to support them, since those guys do make awesome songs~)
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